Revolutionary Way of Looking at Your Employees

Get the best from your employees by looking at them differently. We offer a non intrusive way of getting better productivity from employees using time efficiencies on a weekly basis. We are not a normal mobile attendance systems, but one that improves the productivity of an employee by ensuring better use of his/her time.

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Works for Any Type of Industry

Our product works for any type of industry, whether it is services, sales, distribution, retail, or anyone who has staff in the field and needs to get attendance and productivity realtime. The product is so robust that it works on a 5 people to a 5,000 people company, anywhere in the world!

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Time Management and Productivity

We look at Time Management and Productivity totally differently. If you get just 1 hour more from your employee a day, just imagine how much more your productivity increases at the end of the year. And we use a non-intrusive way of doing it. Our system, just logs attendance, but you get that much more due to our back end productivity parameters

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